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Top 3 Misconceptions When You Plan A Residential Move

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Moving as a family can pose many stresses. Before you begin, it may feel like you’ve already begun mentally. With that being said, the mental anxiety and stress can be alleviated greatly when you plan everything strategically and organize every aspect the way you intended. So what are some misconceptions about movers and moving in general?

  • It Will Be Unorganized

  • Items Could Break

  • Friday Is The Best Time To Move

Couple happy sitting by moving boxes

It Will Be Unorganized

Your next move may have you feeling like there is going to be some sort of messy part of the entire moving process. Eliminate that feeling from your mind, sit back and relax. Our mover has organizational skills that will keep all your items in the same category, in the right room.

Items Could Break

Whether you have valuable items, fragile glass or other items, jewelry, antiques, etc.. When you hire a professional and experienced mover, you will find that you won’t have to worry about items being damaged or broken. Trained movers will know that if you have a valuable item, it will be marked and additional precautions will be taken. This can include adding foam, bubble wrap, extra cushion, and even double boxing/custom wrapping.

Friday Is The Best Time To Move

If you feel as if you have the entire weekend to move and unpack so that you can adjust to your new place outside of work weeks, then yes that is a great advantage. However, everyone else that needs a mover or U-Haul truck/van are assuming the same. This can lead to high premiums for moving help. To resolve this, simply book the moving date as far in advance as possible.

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